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Check out @GalaDarling's latest (awesome) article, "What to Wear" (it's not what you'd expect): http://ping.fm/k7LyT
wishes very, very much that there was a pizza place that delivered here. sigh.
love that someone on our conference call just used the word "bailiwick." such a good word, and doesn't get used enough.
Got a whole slew of mini-tasks done today. YAY! Productive Mondays rock my week.
Hope Floats is on CMT, and I've got playing in the background. I love that movie, every time I see it (and that's a big number).

Nov. 17th, 2008

Responding to customer emails, scheduling appointments & snuggling with my dogs. What a great Monday! :)
Heading to dinner with my first attempt at making Pelusa! THANKS, DANI!!
Backup Gmail to your computer! (via makeuseof.com) http://ping.fm/pHyqb

Nov. 14th, 2008

Feeding the dogs & heading to bed... enough computering for one day, Bracke! Get thyself to bed!

Nov. 14th, 2008

And, of course, what an Obama-Bracke ticket might have looked like (AWESOME!). http://ping.fm/PE2n8